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AlloDerm is a regenerative tissue matrix that supplies the missing elements essential to restore damaged or receding gum tissue. Simply put, AlloDerm helps your body to regrow healthy gum tissue. Widely used in the medical and dental field for plastic and reconstructive surgery, AlloDerm is a processed tissue that comes from donors. It was originally created to treat burn victims. Prior to processing, donor tissue is extensively screened for the presence of diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis.

Following placement, blood flows from your tissue into the AlloDerm. As your cells move into the AlloDerm, tissue regeneration begins. Following surgery, you may experience swelling and mild bruising. You should drink cold liquids for the first three meals and then eat soft foods for one week. Do not chew near the site for two weeks. Rubbing your tongue over the site or pulling on your lip to examine the area could cause increased swelling or a delay in the healing process. Healing time varies, but you should see significant changes within the first two weeks. Complete maturation of the graft may take three to six weeks. Once you completely recover from the surgery, you won’t be able to recognize that the AlloDerm was ever there.

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